Little Shepherds
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Newhall, California
Welcome to Little Shepherd's
Nursery School
Little Shepherd's Nursery School is nestled right in the heart of Old Newhall in Santa Clarita. Our preschool has resided off of Main Street for over 50 years. We are proud to be known as one of the best preschools in the Santa Clarita Vallely, a hidden gem. Our play-based philosphy provides an atmosphere that helps young children develop positive emotions about themselves and a foundation for strong sense of self. 
" You'll find good friends at Little Shepherd's."
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Socialization is one of the most important enduring lessons each child learns in our loving preschool.  We teach the children how to play kindly with others, while maintaining a strong sense of self. 
Hand in hand with socialization our students make many new friends. Some that may last a lifetime. With their new found friendships they will enjoy helping one another and become part of a group that is separate from their immediate family. This teaches them that they are an important part of a larger community.
We are honored to be a guiding hand in your child's development. We are constantly providing interesting activities to promote growth in all of the developmental domains.
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We understand that choosing a preschool for your little one is challenging and sometimes even daunting. We would like to make your decision easy and organic. Call us and we can help answer any of your concerns.
Tours during class time are highly encouraged so you can see the true environment. Children are encouraged to join you during the tours. It's important that you can see how your child will feel in our little preschool.
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