Little Shepherds
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Newhall, California
Our Playground
Children and families love our park-like outdoor learning area.  Our spacious play yard features a large grass area,  playground and water feature shaded by large trees, paved bike path and gardening area.  The children have ample opportunity for digging, exploring, running, jumping, climbing, gardening, creating and water play during our outdoor learning segment.

Our playground allows children to test their boundrys in a safe environment.

Outdoor play means being about to use an outside voice freely.

Allows children to asses risk using their own senses. .

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    Enormous Trees
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  3. Lots
    Of space to run
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    Jumping Stump
Love and Appreciation of Nature
Here are Little Shepherd's we are lucky to have a large area to enjoy each of the seasons. We have 2 fruit trees and 4 garden boxes that we tend to all year. Our beautiful trees have new buds each Spring.  The preschoolers can witness as they turn to big fantastic green leaves. In Autumn,  they turn to a gorgeous yellow that the children collect and jump in and by Winter they can look a the bare branches and anticipate Spring. This simple changing of the seasons introduce the children to observe the changes in nature, introduces science and the life cycles of our environment.