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Newhall, California

Our TEaching Philosophy

Mission Statement

Little Shepherd’s strives to create a loving environment where children feel safe to explore the ever-changing world around them through play and socialization.  We assist in the development of each child’s social and emotional skills through dialogue, art, music, and play activities.  We seek to guide each child in wise decision making, problem solving, and finding the appropriate means to express their feelings.


Little Shepherd’s Nursery School is committed to excellence in child development.  Our program has been dedicated to serving and loving families since its inception in 1967.  Our purpose has always been to provide an atmosphere that helps young children develop positive emotions about themselves and a foundation for loving others.  We are a developmental preschool with goals that are appropriate for children ages 2 through 5.  Our loving teachers have over 40 years of teaching experience in Early Childhood Education, and bring their expertise into the classroom each day.

Emotioinal Development

This is another key ingredient in our program. Our staff guides children in learning manners, etiquette, respect, listening, sharing, and caring for others. Children may not always understand what they are feeling, and in response may act out in order to let out that frustration. Your child will be taught all forms of emotions, and learn that their feelings are not shameful but they need to respond appropriately, and all with kindness. At circle time the children learn to express and exchange ideas, how to be considerate of the other children, and to listen with care. They will practice public speaking, learn how to relate to adults, and engaging in social problem solving.

Importance Of Play

Research has shown that play is central to a young child's learning. Not only is it fun, but it helps them learn to think creatively, promotes problem solving skills, and playing is related to positive social skills. Here at Little Shepherd's we encourage the preschoolers to invent imaginative situations and continuously applaud pretend play with peer interaction.

Phsycial Development

We believe that a healthy and active lifestyle starts when children are young. We are blessed to have an incredible, secure play yard, which allows them to explore many avenues of physical activity. They develop confidence to take on physical challenges in the yard and learn to use their energy in constructive ways.


Children innately love music. Miss Kathy Kinney is our dedicated music teacher and she introduces the preschool students to a variety of instruments including, French horn, accordion, trombone and many others. Music, singing, and dancing have shown to develop a sense of community and boost brain advancement. 


Once a month, the preschool students visit First Presbyterian Church of Newhall, just a few steps from Little Shepherd's. During their visit to the chapel there will be singing, story telling, and lessons for building moral character. These short readings are led by a variety of church members including the pastor and board members. The lessons are nondenominational with an emphasis on loving one another and community.  

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